Bristol Heamatology & Oncology Centre

Hospital Refurbishment Project

A need was identified by the Hospital’s Foundation Trust to refurbish the Heamatology and Oncology Centre to improve facilities for their patients.  Works encompassed the refurbishment of the reception and waiting area including lifts, lobbies and staircases, improvement of the Isotopes area, main entrance and ambulance drop zone as well as the relocation of the Medical Record Unit and formation of new offices and medical rooms to offer improved accommodation for staff.

The extensive programme of works required careful consideration and planning as the building was still in constant use by our client.  Co-ordination with the Hospital team was paramount to the success of this project and daily planning was undertaken so to minimise any disruption within this very sensitive area of the Hospital.  We are delighted that the completed facility concluded to our high quality craftsmanship met all our client’s needs and fulfilled its design capability in providing a fully modern, functional and welcoming space whilst being an efficient workplace for the Centres’ staff.